Where to Buy Sweatblock Wipes and 4 Other Must-Have Items For Your Gym Bag

Corynebacteria, a mostly harmless form of bacteria…are responsible for most body odor — they eat human sweat and metabolize it, creating a gas that the human nose tends to interpret as stink – Erin Blakemore, Washington Post


Do you go to the gym or workout regularly? Do you use a gym bag?

If the answer to both questions was yes, I want you to do one thing for me. Go and get your gym bag and empty out the contents in front of you. What do you see?

These are the five items that I think you must have in your gym bag before you head out the door. I’d love to know if you agree.

1. A Freshly Laundered Towel

All gyms will have the rule “no towel, no workout”. For good reason too. A study found that treadmills and exercise bikes have nearly 8000 times more bacteria than your toilet seat at home!

Wipe down equipment before you hop on (you can use germ remover wipes if you are a real germaphobe) but make sure you also wipe down the equipment after your have finished as courtesy for the next person.

Make sure you put your towel down when lying on benches to lift weights and on yoga mats. A yoga mat is a hotbed of bacteria simply because people sweat on them and they are usually not cleaned. Gross!

When looking for a good quality workout towel, microfiber is a great material. It is very absorbent while being dirt resistant at the same time. It’s also very soft against the skin while traditional towels can be a little scratchy.

Bamboo fiber is another good option. Again it is soft but also has antibacterial properties.

Needless to say, gym towels should be washed after every use. 

2. A Glass, Stainless Steel or BPA-Free Refillable Water Bottle

A glass bottle is a great option for drinking as it doesn’t change the flavor or purity of the water or drink inside. However, glass can be dangerous in a gym or while exercising. You can get glass bottles that are encased in a soft rubber for protection.

If you want to use a plastic water bottle because of safety concerns or personal preference, make sure that it doesn’t contain bisphenol A, (BPA) a chemical the FDA began warning against in 2010.

Another option is stainless steel. Stainless steel is easily recyclable so it is the most eco-friendly of all three materials. In addition, the insulating properties of stainless steel means that water can stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot water can stay warm for nearly six hours.

Rinse your drink bottle with warm water and little dish soap each day. If you add sports supplements to your water, you will need to give the bottle a more thorough clean. Use a bottle brush to scrub the sides and the bottom of the bottle. Don’t forget to wash out the lid and spout or straw if it has one.

3. Sweatblock Deodorant Wipes

Deodorant and antiperspirant wipes are a really handy item to keep packed in your bag. As they are individually wrapped, they won’t dry out and you’ll have them in case of a stinky emergency.

There may be a time where you forget to apply your deodorant before you head out the door, or you need a top up as the deodorant you put on that morning is not quite cutting it!

Sweatblock wipes are towelettes that have been pre-moistened with an antiperspirant solution. A quick wipe under each arm will keep you smelling fresh and feeling dry even through the toughest of workouts.

4. A Protein Bar or Shake

An average adult should be getting  10 to 35 percent their daily calories come from protein. Most people would be eating adequate amounts of protein through healthy food choices, however, muscle protein is depleted more rapidly through exercise.

By consuming extra protein through a bar or shake within an hour of working out, your body uses the additional protein to aid muscle repair.

5. Training Shoes With Good Foot Support

Experts suggest that shoes should be retired after 300 to 500 miles of running or 300 hours of aerobic activity. After that the cushioning material in a shoe is usually worn down and will no longer support or protect your feet.

For athletes and amateurs who do a range of sports or exercise, cross trainers are a good choice. A good cross trainer will have the flexibility in the forefoot needed for running, as well as lateral control, which is necessary for activities such as aerobics or tennis where there is sudden sidewards movement.

Where to Buy Sweatblock Wipes and Other Gym Must Haves

Just click on the image below to buy to Savvy Travelers’ No Sweat deodorant and antiperspirant wipes. Check out your local sporting-goods stores, read online reviews and talk to your gym trainers for advice on all other products.


Did you have any or all of these items in your gym bag? What else do you always take? Let me know your workout must-haves in the comments below.  
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