What are Deodorant Wipes? 5 Key Ingredients and Their Purpose

In areas with folds that rub together, dead skin can slough off and feed bacteria – Jerilyn Covert and Juno Demelo, Men’s Health 

I don’t think anyone can deny that sweating is healthy and very natural. The purpose of sweating is to help your body regulate its temperature and to expel toxins.

But just because it’s healthy, it doesn’t mean you have to like it! 

There are so many products out there to combat either body odor or sweat. From crystals, deodorant sticks and sprays, pit paste to antiperspirant, the choices are endless and there is something to suit everyone.

A great alternative to traditional deodorants and antiperspirants are single-use deodorant wipes. 

What are Deodorant Wipes?

Simply put, deodorant wipes are wet wipes for your armpits.

These wipes often contain properties that are both deodorizing and that act as an antiperspirant. In other words the ingredients work to mask any odor and stop sweating.

Savvy Travelers have developed individually packaged, biodegradable deodorant wipes. Best of all, they are safe for all skin types and have a soft, feminine fragrance. 

I am an avid label reader when it comes to personal-care products. I chose five of the ingredients that feature in the No Sweat wipes to find out what role they play in making the antiperspirant wipes so effective. 

1. Aluminum Chlorohydrate

In any antiperspirant, aluminum compounds will be the active ingredient. They block the sweat glands to keep perspiration from reaching the skin’s surface.

Compared to other commercially available wipes, Savvy Travelers’ sweatblock wipes contain a higher amount of aluminum chlorohydrate. This means that they are more effective at reducing perspiration.

Aluminum is a safe ingredient to apply topically on your body. In fact, you would ingest more aluminum through food than through your skin with an antiperspirant.

2. Usnea Barbata Extract

Usnea is a type of lichen that grows on trees. Lichen is a combination of fungus and algae. The extract is taken from the body of the plant and, in this case, the extract has been added as a deodorant. 

Usnea contains many beneficial anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties.

Apart from deodorizing, some other uses for usnea are as a weight-loss aid, for pain relief, flu and fever control, and wound healing.

3. Cocoglycerides

Cocoglycerides are derived from coconut oil and are used as a moisturizing agent.

This emollient helps the deodorant wipe to glide gently over your skin so that you are not rubbing or pulling at your skin.

4. Salvia Officinalis Leaf Extract

Salvia officinalis, or sage as it is more commonly known, is a small evergreen herb. It is native to southern Europe, but will happily grow in many suburban herb gardens around the world.

The main use for sage-leaf extract is as a skin conditioning agent. However, it is also an excellent deodorizer.

It helps to dry perspiration and eliminate body odor, hence its inclusion in the deodorant wipes.

5. Tocopheryl Acetate (Antioxidant)

Tocopheryl acetate is a type of vitamin E. Vitamin E is both an antioxidant and a natural skin conditioner. It has been added to care for the delicate underarm skin.

An antioxidant helps the body to protect itself against damage from free radicals.

In addition, vitamin E is proven to assist skin to heal, strengthen the skin’s barrier and allow the skin to hold more moisture. 

Out of all antioxidants, Vitamin E is one of the most well-researched.  It is found in eight different forms, either naturally extracted or synthetically produced.

From the eight, tocopherol is the most bioavailable, meaning the body will easily absorb it.


Have you used deodorant wipes? Have you ever looked at the ingredients? All Savvy Travelers’ wipes are specifically formulated with the most beneficial ingredients. Let me know what you look for first when shopping for your own personal care products in the comments below!

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