No More Panda Eyes with Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (And 4 Other Anti-Smudge Hacks)

Let’s face it. There are only two beings in this world who can pull off the panda-eye look: the entire population of actual pandas, and Ke$ha. For everyone else, panda eyes are in poor taste and occur for one of two reasons: either your makeup is (literally) melting off your face, or you’re partway through the process of removing your makeup and it’s just not coming off properly. Thank heavens for waterproof eye makeup remover and these four other anti-smudge hacks that will ensure you never have to deal with panda eyes again.

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No More Panda Eyes Tip 1: Oil-Free = Panda Eye Free

It makes sense that the smoother your face is at the outset, the simpler it will be to apply your makeup and the longer it is likely to last. That means taking steps to prepare your face before you even begin to apply your makeup, and THAT means starting by removing your old makeup.

Oil-free makeup remover wipes should be your first stop, as they’ll not only remove any remaining makeup, they’ll cleanse your skin of dirt, sweat, oil, and old skin cells. But not just any waterproof eye makeup remover wipes will do: they simply MUST be oil free.

And speaking of oil-free, this doesn’t just apply to makeup remover wipes. For a truly smooth base, opt for an oil-free moisturizer and an oil-free exfoliator. Any oil-based products are going to leave a layer of oil, acting similarly to plastic, over your skin and your makeup is just going to run right off.

No More Panda Eyes Tip 2: Prime Your Skin

Primers don’t have to be expensive, but they are an absolute must-have when it comes to makeup application. Tip 1 explained the importance of a smooth base to start with, and once you’ve achieved that smooth base with your waterproof eye makeup remover wipes and oil-free moisturizer, the next step is to further that base with a good primer.

Primer will seal in your (oil free) moisturizer and smooth out your wrinkles and pores. As a result, you’ll need to apply much less makeup than you normally would to achieve the same effect, and it stands to reason that the less makeup you apply, the less chance there is that it will melt or otherwise run, giving you the dreaded Panda Eye Effect.


No More Panda Eyes Tip 3: If It’s Not Waterproof, It’s Not On

You’ve prepared your skin, applied your primer, and now it’s time for the actual makeup. But before you put anything on your skin, triple check that it is waterproof. Of course, one of the biggest culprits of panda eyes is mascara that is not waterproof, but the list doesn’t end there. Waterproof eyebrow products, waterproof eyeshadows, and even waterproof lip glosses are freely available and are absolutely essential in your quest to prevent panda eyes.

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No More Panda Eyes Tip 4: What Goes on Must Come Off – Choosing Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Wipes

It seems inexplicable that some people would deliberately choose to use makeup that is not waterproof. But they do, and the reason is simple. Waterproof makeup is notoriously difficult to remove, so while it looks fantastic when you’re out and about, when you come home and want to remove your makeup you could run into some trouble.

Many traditional makeup removers, particularly oil-based ones, struggle to remove waterproof makeup: particularly waterproof mascara. And when you’re having trouble removing mascara, that’s when you end up with a panda eye mess.

The solution? You need a heavy-duty waterproof eye makeup remover product: one that will have no problem making short work of even the toughest waterproof mascara and other makeup when the time comes to take it off. And that’s where TAKE OFFZ come into their own. Proven to remove even the toughest stage makeup, TAKE OFFZ are waterproof eye makeup remover wipes that will take you from makeup perfection to fresh-faced and natural with no stop at Panda Town on the way.

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No More Panda Eyes Tip 5: Hairspray for Your Face?

Okay, we’re not actually suggesting spraying hairspray on your face. We’re simply advocating using a few light spritzes of a good setting spray after you have completed your makeup.

A setting spray is for your makeup what hairspray is for your perfect hairdo: it keeps everything in place, preventing your makeup from melting, running, or finding its way into your fine lines (not that we’re suggesting you have any, of course).

Like with waterproof mascara, some people deliberately avoid setting sprays because they can make makeup notoriously hard to remove. But never fear, because TAKE OFFZ waterproof eye makeup remover wipes will make short work of your setting spray when it’s time to come off.

There you have it: five simple tips to keep panda eye at bay, both while wearing your makeup and later when it’s time for the makeup to come off. Have you tried our waterproof eye makeup remover wipes? Are there any other tips you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below, and tag anyone who struggles with panda eye!


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