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Freshen up, hydrate your skin, and remove your old makeup with travel makeup wipes: the individually wrapped makeup remover wipes that care for and rehydrate your skin while they remove yesterday’s makeup.


Packing for a trip has always been a monumental task. Now with the strictly enforced TSA regulations, knowing what and how to pack for a flight can be even more difficult. Luckily travel makeup wipes mean that your packing list of makeup and other cosmetics can be drastically reduced. Most makeup wearers know the horror that comes from an exploded bottle of moisturizer or a crushed compact, but there are easy ways to prevent this from happening.

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Those Tricky TSA Regulations

TSA regulations regarding liquids and gels in your carry-on luggage are strictly enforced. And while we all appreciate the security concerns behind the restrictions, it can make packing somewhat of a juggling act.

The regulations state that your carry-on luggage can only include liquids and gels stored in three-ounce containers or less, and only as many as can fit into a single one-quart resealable, transparent plastic bag. Any liquids or gels that do not fit into these packing requirements must go into your checked baggage.

The Horrors of Traveling with Makeup

We’ve all heard the horror stories that can result from a bottle of moisturizer exploding throughout your suitcase, or an expensive powder compact being ruined after the powder was crushed during the flight. Maybe you’ve even experienced one or more of these horrors yourself. Not only can ruined makeup mean that you now need to go shopping for cosmetics once you arrive at your destination, but spills, leaks, and other disasters can also stain your clothes, ruin your luggage, and create an all-around vacation disaster.

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Be Prepared: Only Take What You Need

The first thing to remember when packing your makeup for vacation is that you don’t need to take everything with you. Just because you use it at home doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely necessary to take on vacation.

This means switching full-size bottles for travel-size equivalents, and choosing travel makeup wipes instead of your full makeup kit.

Start by making a list of all the cosmetics and beauty products that you could conceivably use in a day. At this stage don’t leave anything off: go through your daily routine (either in reality or just in your head) and write down everything you use. Include makeup for daytime as well as evening, your makeup removal routine, and your hair care routine.

Next, go through your list with a critical eye. Make a note of your most critical makeup essentials, as well as larger size items that could be reduced into travel size for packing purposes. Also note other travel friendly alternatives you could make, such as swapping your bottle of facial cleanser for travel makeup wipes. Individually wrapped face wipes weigh almost nothing and will take up no room in your luggage, so it’s a swap well worth making.

Multi-Purpose Products

Another way of paring down your makeup packing list is to think creatively about products that can serve multiple purposes. In a pinch, lipstick can be used in place of rouge, or rouge can double as eyeshadow. And of course, your entire makeup removal kit can be replaced with travel size makeup removal wipes.

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Choosing a Makeup Bag

Makeup bags don’t need to be expensive, but they do need to suit your purpose. A makeup bag with individual pockets to help organize your essentials can be so much easier to use than a bag with one pocket, where your makeup is all thrown together. A small zippered side pocket is all that is needed to house your individual makeup removal wipes.

Group Like with Like

Use the pockets in your makeup bag along with a generous supply of resealable plastic bags to sort out your makeup, grouping like items together. After all, it makes sense to separate your toothbrush from your eyeshadow, and your shampoo from your mascara. Have one bag for makeup tools like brushes and applicators, another for lip products, another for eye products, and so on.
After you’ve packed your resealable bags, tuck them into the pockets of your makeup bag. Put the heaviest, most durable items on the bottom, and lighter items on top.

After you’ve packed your resealable bags, tuck them into the pockets of your makeup bag. Put the heaviest, most durable items on the bottom, and lighter items on top.

What to Carry, What (And Where) To Stow

The TSA regulations regarding liquids and gels mean that you must be very selective about the makeup you take with you in your carry-on luggage. When choosing what to pack into your carry-on, there are two ways you can go about it.

First, you could hedge your risk that your stowed luggage could be lost or delayed, and keep your absolute essentials in your carry-on luggage with you. A basic set of essential daily makeup items like mascara, concealer, and lip gloss will keep you sane in the event that your checked baggage is lost or delayed.

Alternatively, you could pack your most expensive or delicate makeup items – those most likely to break, crumble, or explode if they were handled roughly in your checked baggage – into your carry-on luggage, increasing the likelihood that they’ll arrive safely.

Everything else needs to be packed into your suitcase, which will then be checked into the rear of the plane. You may be surprised if you saw how roughly suitcases can be treated by the baggage crew, so pack your cosmetics into the middle of your suitcase, surrounded by items which can help provide a layer of cushioning, such as your clothes.

Extremely breakable items like perfume bottles can be packed inside your shoes for added protection or, if you aren’t packing shoes in your suitcase, use socks or the hood of a jacket.

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When Travel-Sized Isn’t Available

While some brands conveniently offer their products in TSA friendly travel-sized alternatives, others don’t. By simply purchasing travel friendly reusable bottles, you can create your own travel size versions of your favorite makeup items.

Another tip is to use contact lens cases to transport any product that you only need a tiny amount of, such as concealer or face primer.

Travel Makeup Wipes: Your Travel-Friendly Makeup Remover

Anyone who has traveled with a full bottle of face wash or facial cleanser would know that it’s one of the items most likely to explode or break during transit. Avoid the whole issue by leaving your facial cleanser at home and packing a handful of travel makeup wipes instead. Individually wrapped, travel size makeup removal wipes can remove a full face of makeup with just one wipe, while doubling as a moisturizer and facial rehydrater.

By paring down your makeup kit to a few essential items; swapping out bulky, breakable items with travel makeup wipes, and packing the rest of your cosmetics carefully, you can avoid a makeup explosion disaster and reduce the stress that comes with packing for your next vacation.


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