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While opinions are mixed about what constitutes a “travel essential,” most people firmly agree that, if you wear makeup, you should never leave home without packing enough travel makeup remover wipes to last your whole trip. The best news? They’re TSA compliant!


With international travel rising in popularity year after year, there is a wealth of information available on how to pack cosmetics so that they don’t leak or break, how to pack just enough clothes to last your whole trip but without over packing, and how to get through those tricky TSA regulations. Now, here are some travel essentials you may never have thought about: such as travel makeup remover wipes, that will seriously change your travel experience.

Travel Makeup Remover Wipes

Earplugs and Mask

Sometimes the only easy way of getting through a long flight is to get as much sleep as you can. But this can be easier said than done when you’re in a cramped economy seat surrounded by reading lights and iPad screens, and the noise that accompanies your hundreds of fellow passengers: not to mention the non-stop noise made by the aircraft itself.

Disposable foam earplugs and a regular eye mask will help block out the surrounding bright lights and noise, giving you the best chance of getting some shut eye. Plus, for the introverts out there, nothing says “don’t bother me” more than an eye mask and earplugs. Just remember to bring another pair of disposable earplugs for the flight back home.

Antibacterial Wipes

When it comes to holiday germs, sometimes it’s best not to even think about who has slept in the hotel bed before you, and just how many hands have touched that light switch and remote control. Surface cleaner wipes and anti-bacterial body wipes are just what you need to help you relax and enjoy your accommodation. Just think of them like travel makeup remover wipes for your hotel room.

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Sleeping Bag Liner

It’s not only hostels and backpacker accommodation that can have less-than-sanitary sleeping arrangements. If you find yourself feeling dubious about just how often the sheets are changed in your hotel, you’ll be very pleased to have brought a sleeping bag liner with you. Even a luxurious silk sleeping bag liner will take up minimal room in your luggage, and will help you get a good night’s sleep wherever you go.

Spare Headphones

Headphones and earbuds don’t last forever, and there is every chance that yours will choose to break or reduce in quality during your trip. If the thought of going without music or access to the entertainment on your iPad fills you with dread, throw an inexpensive spare pair of earbuds in your bag. They’ll take almost no room and could potentially save your vacation.

Flight-Friendly Footwear

What would be worse: trying to relax while wearing uncomfortable heels for a seven-hour flight, or visiting the on-board bathroom barefoot? Forget the bathroom, the aisle floors of the aircraft are filthy enough to never, ever walk barefoot, or even socks.

But that doesn’t mean you need to suffer with uncomfortable footwear either. A lightweight pair of slippers or even a pair of flip-flops will make you so much more comfortable than you could have even imagined. You can easily slip your regular footwear back on before you disembark if you want to look your best at Arrivals.

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Mid-Flight Rehydration

Nothing causes dehydration like airplane travel. To combat the problem and stay hydrated, the first step is to remove your makeup. TAKE OFFZ travel makeup remover wipes are individually wrapped, TSA compliant, and so compact that you can safely throw in a handful without taking up any room in your carry-on luggage. But you needn’t throw in a handful, as one wipe is enough to remove a full face of makeup. TAKE OFFZ travel makeup remover wipes include a toner and moisturizer, helping to rehydrate your skin.

Once your face is fresh, rehydrated, and makeup free, use lip balm and eyedrops to ward off chapped lips and red eyes. You may also like to take a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a small roll-on deodorant (keeping in mind that TSA regulations do not allow aerosols of any kind) to help you stay fresh and refreshed throughout your flight.


If you’ve ever had to find your way back to a hotel at night, you’ll know just how handy a flashlight can be. Yes, most cell phones include a flashlight, but you can’t always rely on your cell phone being available and fully charged. Sometimes the non-digital version is a much safer option.

Duct Tape and Superglue

Are your favorite shoes falling apart? Have you ripped a hole in your day pack? Is the band on your watch getting ready to break? No matter what the problem, a combination of duct tape and superglue is very likely to at least hold everything together until you get home. It’s much easier than trying to find a cobbler in a strange city.

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Resealable Plastic Bags

You need a one-quart resealable plastic bag to get your liquids and gels through TSA, but these handy little bags have about 101 other uses as well. Pack a few extras and you’ll always have somewhere to store a leaky bottle, a wet bathing suit, or extra toiletries that you picked up from your hotel.

Anyway, you’ll need another one-quart resealable plastic bag to transport your liquids and gels back home after your trip, so it pays to pack extra.

Travel Makeup Remover Wipes

The last thing you want when packing for a vacation is to have your makeup removal kit take up half of your suitcase. While it’s extremely important to follow your full makeup removal procedure at home, when you are away from home all you need are some travel makeup remover wipes which completely remove your makeup, while applying a layer of toner and moisturizer at the same time. Anything else is just overkill.

View our the full range of individually wrapped travel wipes.


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