Smoky Palette Fall Favorites

I’ve got to say, today’s review was a definite freak-out-moment product for me. I was completely unprepared for the next sibling from Urban Decay’s NAKED clan to have appeared already (If you want a full side by side, here’s my comparison of the past 3.) and she’s just as lovely as her predecessors. I’m talking about UD’s NAKED SMOKY Palette.

Let’s let that sink in. An entire smoky palette.

Yes, we’ve seen some smoky companions in the past like the Smoked Palette but Naked Smoky has every piece you need for the perfect smoky eye including a stellar highlight shade, a few shimmers to make the lid pop, and a plethora of sexy smoky colors so you can create a proper variety of smoky eyes and everyday looks alike.

Now, I’m a bit biased. I always use a darker shadow even on my less-makeup days due to my monolid eyes so I’m constantly on the lookout for browns, grays, and blacks that will go on properly opaque and true to the pan.

Drumroll, please…


Naked Smoky comes in plastic packaging similar to the Electric Palette (my review) but amplified by a beautiful translucent brown case with a smoke print on the cover. It’s drool-worthy and looks even sexier in person.

Inside, there is a full-sized mirror as well as 12 eyeshadows and a dual-ended brush.

One side is a blending fluffy brush while the other end is a shorter, more compact pencil brush that is sized well for adding depth to a smoky eye. I prefer this to the dual-ended brush in Naked 3 since I have small lids and need that precise application.


First 4 shadows: Shimmery with hints of glitter/high sheen (highlight & pops of shimmer shades)

Second 4 shadows: Satin with no glitter (1 shimmer, 3 smoky shades)

Last 4 shadows: Buttery mattes (2 smoky shades, 1 transition, 1 highlight shade)



High / Dirtysweet / Radar / Armor / Slanted / Dagger / Black Market / Smolder / Password / Whiskey / Combust / Thirteen
light pinky shimmer with microglitter
metallic tan (really pops!)


warm medium brown (also in Vice 2. I personally like this as a transition shade)
Glittery silver-taupe (also in Vice)


silver-gray satin


cool-toned charcoal satin


Black Market
black satin (also in Vice. UGHHHH, I LOVE this black!)


deep plum satin


deep lavender-taupe matte


chocolate brown matte (similar shade as one of my fav 24/7 pencils!)


pale beigey-pink matte (a good transition shade for medium-to-light skintones)


buttery ivory matte (almost satiny. really lovely browbone highlight)



Overall, I am seriously stoked about the Naked Smoky Palette. It’s not overwhelming with glitters (only Armor gave me fallout) and it has a really nice balance of warm and cool shadows that should flatter anyone. The black is as smooth and dark as I’d hope for it to be, and the highlight is a wonderful shade to work with all looks.

Honest to goodness, this is my favorite Naked since the good ‘ole Original which worked so well with my warm skintone! I can’t wait to play around with the various shades a bit more to see what range of looks I can get, but so far I’ve been nothing but elated! Let me know if you’d like to see a smoky eye tutorial using the palette. 🙂

Naked Smoky will be available July 8th on while other retailers like Sephora and Ulta will likely come soon thereafter.

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