6 Quick Tips to Remove Stubborn Nail Polish in Under 5 Minutes

Have you ever looked down at your manicured nails and realized that the polish has started to look a bit ratty? If you had a professional manicure, this would be about two weeks. If it was a DIY job, it’s probably about week, depending on your skill and the products you used. 

Once you start noticing chips in your nail polish it’s time to take it off. Remember, you should allow your nails to breathe, so go without polish for a few weeks now and then. 

It can be difficult to remove stubborn nail polish, particularly dark colors or glitter polish.  With a little patience and technique, you will be able to get your nails clean and ready for your next manicure. Here are some methods that you can try for quick and easy nail polish removal. 

Remove Stubborn Nail Polish With These Quick Tips!

1. Soak your Nails with Nail Polish Remover

You can get nail polish remover in non-acetone and acetone versions. Non-acetone is better for your nails but acetone will remove the nail polish quicker and more easily. 

The best way to remove stubborn nail polish is to soak a cotton pad or ball with a good quality nail polish remover. Place the cotton onto your nail bed and leave it there for 2-5 minutes.The remover will soften the polish and make it easy to wipe away.  

You can even wrap some aluminum foil around your fingers and cotton to make sure that the remover really penetrates the layers of polish . 

2. Use Individually Packed Nail Polish Remover Wipes

For convenience you can’t go past nail polish remover wipes. These are small wipes that have been pre-moistened with nail polish remover. One individual wipe can remove stubborn nail polish from all ten nails quickly and easily.

Wipes are perfect when you are traveling or you can keep a couple in your desk at work for an emergency fix. 

3. Put on More Nail Polish

If you don’t have any nail polish remover or wipes, then using a fresh layer of nail polish can remove the existing one. 

Paint over your nail with any polish (it’s best to use one that isn’t quick drying) and wait about 20-30 seconds. Then use a tissue to wipe all the color off.

4. Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

Alternatively you can use rubbing alcohol or any product that contains alcohol like hand sanitizer, hairspray or perfume. Just bear in mind this method will need a little more time and effort to remove nail polish.

Apply the rubbing alcohol onto your nails and let it sit for about one minute. Use a cotton pad or tissue to rub clean. You may need to repeat the process if the polish is particularly stubborn. 

5. Spray Your Nails with Deodorant

Aerosol deodorants contain chemical solvents that will remove nail polish. Look for ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol (the main ingredient of rubbing alcohol) and propylene carbonate.

Simply spray each nail with deodorant then rub with a soft cloth or cotton pad. 

You will need to spray as close to the nail as possible but be careful as the quick-evaporating propellant can cause aerosol burns. 

6. Make Your Own Remover from Vinegar and Lemons

This is a really simple method, using everyday kitchen ingredients. Combine equal parts of white vinegar and lemon juice.The acid in the vinegar and lemon dissolves the nail polish. 

Dip a cotton pad or ball in the mixture and press it firmly on your nail for about 10-15 seconds. Then rub the cotton over the nail to remove the color. Repeat the process until you get rid of all the nail polish

For really stubborn nail polish, soak your fingers in warm water for up to 10 minutes to soften the polish. 


What are your best techniques to remove stubborn nail polish?

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