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Our best value offer yet. Get any 40 wipes for $20 delivered to your door every month. Pick and choose any combination of designer beauty wipes for a truly pampering package. Min. order of 8 pieces.


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Travel wipes at a price you’ll love, matched with our savvy subscription service!

From just $20 per month plus shipping, you get our premium beauty wipes delivered to your door. It’s a savvy service that’s hard to resist!

FREE U.S. shipping for orders over $30!

Why become a Savvy Wipeaholic?

  • Unbeatable pricing – $2.50 for 5 wipes!
  • Build your own monthly subscription ($20 minimum) – the sky’s the limit!
  • Wipes come in convenient 5 x packs
  • Mix-and-match any of our travel wipe products

All of the Savvy Travelers wipe range are:

  • Individually wrapped
  • Convenient travel size
  • Carry-on friendly & TSA compliant
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • EPA Green Power Partner approved
  • FSC / Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Cruelty Free certified – not tested on animals
  • Made in California using clean, renewable solar energy

See our individual wipe pages for a full list of ingredients:

How to Use

Using our wipes is so, so ezy!

  1. Open the packet and remove the wipe.
  2. Use the wipe as per the recommendations for each individual wipe.
  3. Discard the used wipe thoughtfully in the trash.


Get HUGE discounts on Savvy Travelers wipes, and the ability to create your very own pamper package to suit your needs! Starting from just $20 per month plus shipping.


  1. Avatar for Jason Townsend
    5 out of 5


    I really look forward to my monthly “presents” from Savvy Travelers … use these wipes all the time (yep! I’m addicted!)

  2. Avatar for Jason Townsend
    5 out of 5


    I am obsessed with my Wipeaholics Subscription! I look forward to receiving this package in the mail every month because it helps make my busy “on the go lifestyle ” so much easier! I have a stash in my car, a stash in my office and in my bathroom at home. So I can grab and go at any time when I need them. I love that each wipe is infused with some of my most essential beauty products, and they leave my skin feeling, soft and beautiful. I love that they are small, discrete, and stay moist because they are individually wrapped. I can’t even tell you how many times these wipes have come on handy from when I am running from appointment to appointment or from my office to an event that night. Thank you ladies for creating one of the best new beauty secrets to helping me look and feel my best all day long!

  3. Avatar for Jason Townsend
    5 out of 5


    I absolutely love ALL of these wipes, but if I HAD to choose just one as my fav, I’d say the nail polish wipes (Lift Offz) are the best EVER! They don’t smell bad, they leave my nails and cuticles soft and manageable and one wipe works on both hands. And the rest of their wipes? I keep those in my purse, gym bag, car console… I’m never without them because they make my life that much easier! The subscription service takes the hassle out of having to remember to reorder. Every month I get a new box of wipes. LOVE THAT!

  4. Avatar for Jason Townsend
    5 out of 5


    How did I live without these products? I can’t say enough about the quality and how incredibly convenient they are. Let’s not forget the beautiful package and catchy names!!! LOVE, just love all of them.

  5. Avatar for Jason Townsend
    5 out of 5

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  6. Avatar for Jason Townsend
    5 out of 5


    I love these wipes!! My husband & I went out of town for the weekend & they were perfect – no liquids for TSA to take away. I have used other facial wipes & they always made my face feel dried out but these keep my face feeling great. I had never used a deodorant wipe but these kept me feeling fresh all day. I look forward to using these wipes for years.

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