Why Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover is Better for Your Nail Health

…it’s not the fingertips which are so full of bacteria, but the fingernails. These thin keratin shields, made of the same stuff as rhino or impala horns, harbor a bacterial menagerie – Jason G Goldman, BBC

How Does Nail Polish Remover Work?

 Nail polish contains various ingredients such as resins, plasticizers, color pigments, and thickening agents. This combination creates a smooth, quick drying, and colorful formulation.

The lighter the nail polish color, the easier it is to remove.  Highly pigmented or glitter polishes can be a challenge to take off.

Nail polish remover actually breaks down the hardened nail polish. It then returns it back to a liquid form. The remover dissolves the polish from the nail so that it can be easily wiped away.

To work, nail polish remover needs to contain a solvent. The solvent is normally either acetone or acetate.

Interestingly, all nail polishes contain a small amount of solvent. It keeps the polish liquified. Without it, the polish would thicken and harden.

Acetone VS Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone nail polish remover is one of the most commonly used types. Generally, acetone nail polish removers are made up of about 60% acetone. 

Acetone is a clear, strong-smelling and highly flammable liquid. It is also an extremely powerful solvent. In fact, acetone can disintegrate plastic.

Not only will it remove nail polish, it will also remove the natural oils from your skin.  Unfortunately, it means your nails and cuticles can be left dry and damaged. Many people also find acetone irritating to skin.

Dermatologist and nail specialist Dana Stern says that using acetone nail polish remover too often can lead to brittle nails.  Weak nails can split, peel or break. Damaged nail beds, especially if skin is broken, are prone to infection. Acetone can also cause nails to become yellow.

Non acetone nail polish remover is a much gentler option as it uses weaker solvents. Dermatologist Dr Marina Peredo recommends it because it doesn’t dry out the nails as severely. 

It may just take a little more effort for the nail polish to come off using a non acetone remover.


non acetone nail polish remover-min

Which Nail Polish Remover is Best for Artificial Nails?

Non acetone nail polish remover was created to be used with fake nails. Acetone weakens the bond between the natural nail and the extension. In fact, acetone is used to remove artificial nails.  

If the glue between the fake and natural nail softens, the natural nail is at risk of damage if the artificial nail is accidentally pulled off. 

The Verdict is in – Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover is Best!

So for both natural and artificial nails, non acetone nail polish remover is the clear winner for maintaining good nail health.

You can find nail polish remover in different forms. Most common is liquid remover in a bottle. It’s cheap and easily found in stores. However it can be messy and really stinky!

Luckily you can now get nail polish remover wipes that are pre-moistened with non acetone nail polish remover

Nail polish remover wipes are super convenient and simple to use. Take it out of its individual packet and wipe off all traces of nail polish. One wipe can be used for all 10 fingers. Then just throw the used wipe in the trash.

Whatever type of nail polish remover you choose, make sure that it contains ingredients to nourish, strengthen and repair your nails. A good hand and nail cream will also help keep your fingers looking their best between manicures. Lift Offz Call to Action Image

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