You Won’t Believe How Long It Takes Mandy Moore To Remove Makeup

Mandy Moore famously plays dual roles on the critically-acclaimed TV show This Is Us, one of whom is twice her age. For 33-year-old Mandy Moore, playing a 66-year-old character on set requires a lot of time to put her stage makeup on, and even more to remove makeup.

The This Is Us star recently revealed that it takes a grueling three-and-a-half-hour process to apply her stage makeup that transforms her from her 33-year-old self into her 66-year-old alter ego. And as it turns out, reversing the process is no less strenuous.

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How Mandy Moore’s Makeup Team Remove Makeup at The End of a Day’s Shoot

The actress admitted that there is a certain amount of frustration that comes when her co-stars say “‘Bye!” at the end of a day’s shoot, while she still has to sit through the hour-long process to remove makeup.

For most people, the process to remove makeup involves little more than the use of an individually wrapped makeup removal wipe. And although the best makeup removal wipes will even remove heavy stage makeup in a single swipe, even that would not suffice to take off Mandy Moore prosthetics and makeup.

The actress explained that the process begins with a “greasy remover lotion,” which acts to loosen and remove the facial prosthetic pieces and the “ager” that makes her skin have a crepey appearance, which she describes as a “glue that you have to dry with a hair dryer.”

After the prosthetics and the ager have mostly been removed, the rest of the process to remove makeup continues.

Aging Makeup and Prosthetics Take a Toll on Moore’s Skin

The process of turning the 33-year-old actress into a character twice her age may be visually stunning, but as Mandy Moore admitted, the process takes a great toll on her face.

With naturally sensitive skin anyway, the aging process all but “ruins” her skin. The actress expressed her gratitude towards the show’s producers, who ensure that she has at least one full day without having to apply the aging makeup.


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