Nail Polish Remover Wipes Flight Attendant Image - ST

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November 16, 2017

Stunning Flight Attendant Reveals She Always Flies with Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Red lipstick and polished nails are part of any female Emirates flight attendant’s signature look. One shares her beauty secrets.

Personal Hygiene Wipes Not Toilet Paper Image - ST

We Need to Use Personal Hygiene Wipes – Doctors Shockingly Claim Americans Don’t Know How to Wipe Their Own Backsides

Doctors warn that Americans are not cleaning themselves sufficiently after using the bathroom.

antibacterial wipes

Why You Should Consider Donating Antibacterial Wipes to Disaster Victims

Weeks after disaster struck the island of Puerto Rico, relief efforts continue. We look at how we can help those organizations assisting the citizens rebuild their lives after a devastating natural disaster.

makeup wipes miranda kerr

Why Miranda Kerr Always has Makeup Wipes in Her Carry On

Supermodel and beauty mogul Miranda Kerr shares her secrets to how she looks so amazing after a long-haul flight.

Mandy Moore Remove Makeup Image - ST

You Won’t Believe How Long It Takes Mandy Moore To Remove Makeup

Mandy Moore plays dual characters on ‘This Is Us,’ and one of her characters is twice her normal age. That makes for an astounding process to apply and remove makeup: find out the details here.

Makeup Remover Wipes Nicole Kidman Image - ST

Why Nicole Kidman Can’t Live Without Makeup Remover Wipes

Nicole Kidman has admitted that she can’t live without her makeup remover wipes. Find out why they are such an integral part of her beauty routine, and the various ways she uses them.

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