6 of the Most Popular Makeup Removers for Everyday Use

Only 50 percent of women clean their face regularly – Jennifer Worick, Everyday Health

There are so many makeup removers on the market that finding one that actually does the job of taking off every trace of makeup, oil and dirt on your face can be tricky.

Here is a look at some of the most popular methods of makeup removal so you can choose the right one that suits your skin type, lifestyle and needs.

1. Double Cleanse with Facial Cleanser and an Exfoliator

Double cleansing literally means cleaning your face twice. In the first cleanse you remove most of the make-up, bacteria, and grime on your face. The second cleanse does a deeper, more thorough clean, to remove the last traces of makeup and dirt. Use an exfoliating product like a scrub or a facial brush to slough off dead skin cells. 

Facial skin looks dull and lifeless when it isn’t cleaned properly. This is due to a buildup of dirt and dead skin. It will also create a layer blocking the facial pores, blocking any active ingredients in your skin care from penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin.

The good news is that double cleansing is more important in the evening than in the morning. 

2. Makeup Remover Wipes

One of the most simple-to-use makeup removers  are pre-moistened wipes. Savvy Travelers Take Offz can remove even the most stubborn waterproof and stage makeup with a single wipe.

They contain natural botanical extracts to protect, nourish and soothe the skin after cleansing. These makeup remover wipes are formulated without any oil or parabens, making them very gentle on the skin.

They are perfect for travel or on-the-go cleansing as there is no need to rinse your face after using one.  They come individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience.

3. Micellar Water Makeup Removers

Micellar water is made up of micelles, which are tiny balls of cleansing-oil molecules suspended in soft water. Dirt and oil attracts the micelles so you remove the impurities as you wipe the water off your skin.

Micellar water is very hydrating so can be used as a three-in-one wash, makeup remover and moisturizer. Because you don’t need any water to wash it off, it can be particularly useful when you don’t have access to running water available.

The downside is it won’t sufficiently remove heavy foundation or waterproof mascara. You will need to use a separate makeup remover for that. 

4. Dual Phase Oil & Water Makeup Remover

A dual-phase cleanser has both oil-based and water-based makeup removers in one formulation. These are especially good if you wear liquid eyeliner and heavy eyeshadow.

Whenever you are removing eye makeup make sure you use a cotton pad and wipe down your lashes very gently. Never use facial tissues or toilet paper to remove makeup as they are too abrasive for the delicate skin on and around your eyes.

It’s important to note that if you have lash extensions, dual-phase makeup removers are not suitable as they will weaken the glue holding the lashes in place.

5. Oil-Based Makeup Remover

It might seem counter-intuitive to remove oil and makeup with more oil, but oil-based makeup removers are actually very effective at getting rid of long-wearing and waterproof cosmetics.

The cleansing oil mixes with the oils already present on your face but doesn’t sink into the pores. As you rinse the oil away, you also wash away the surface impurities with it. 

6.Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths

Make-up remover cloths only need warm water to remove makeup. You just need to wet it with warm water and rub on your face in small circular motions to remove your makeup. The microfibers in the cloth uses friction to grip onto the make-up, oil and dirt and lift it from the skin.

Again, if you do wear waterproof mascara, take it off with a makeup remover first. This prevents you from damaging the skin around your eyes by vigorous rubbing.


Tell us: What type of makeup removers do you like and use everyday?Take Offz Wipes Call to Action Image - ST

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