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Moist wipes have so many handy uses that they’ve earned an almost iconic status among travelers, party-goers, and family people alike. But no one wants to bring an economy pack of baby wipes on an adventure, which is where individually wrapped wipes come into their own.


How many uses can you think of for individually wrapped wipes?  Wipes can be equally useful to two different people, but for completely different reasons. While one person wouldn’t even think of heading to the gym without individually wrapped personal hygiene wipes, another person relies on hand wipes to help them feel clean and safe on public transport. 

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Individually Wrapped Wipes as Gym Essentials

Stocking your gym bag with the right tools makes it super easy and convenient to squeeze a workout into your busy day. Better still, it will also make you more excited to hit the gym!

One of the best items you can keep in your gym bag are individually wrapped towelettes. Lots of people choose to skip a gym session, particularly a lunchtime workout, because of the hassle of to shower afterwards.

It’s hard enough fitting in a full workout, getting to the gym and back and being back at your desk all in the short hour you have for lunch. Did you even get a chance to eat? Forget about squeezing in a shower too! 

Individually wrapped wipes will allow you to complete your lunchtime workout. Throw two or three individual personal hygiene wipes into your gym bag and you’ll be able to skip the post-workout shower. The wipes will still keep you feeling fresh and smelling squeaky clean back at work.

Check out Savvy Travelers NO SWEAT wipes,  powerful yet gentle antiperspirant and deodorant solutions, and BOTTOMZ UP. These personal hygiene wipes keep you feeling fresh down there, eliminating bacteria-causing odor and maintaining a balance pH level.  

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Sweat is Not the Enemy

Did you know that in American Colonial times, people cleaned their teeth with herbs and bathed little more than a few times a year? 

On the other hand, these days it seems that society has gone to the other extreme. We feel pressured to wash our hair everyday and even shower several times a day. This is regardless of whether we are actually “dirty” or not. We have actually grown to be scared of sweat and our natural body odor. 

Sweat is very normal and actually an essential process. Sweating allows the body to naturally detoxify itself and is also a cooling mechanism. 

Bad body odor is actually a different issue to sweating. Sweat does not have odor, it is only when it comes into contact with bacteria on the body that the odor is created. So in order to combat body odor, it is finding the right balance of personal hygiene and cleanliness along with products to neutralize the bacteria. 

Can We Be Too Clean?

Showering twice a day (or more) can actually cause real damage to your skin.  Showering too often can kill off the naturally-occurring good bacteria on your skin, the function of which is to create antibiotics that kill off bad bacteria. That’s right: your body creates its own natural deodorant, and washing it off too often can actually make you smell worse!

A Reddit user polled 562 people of various ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, and found that more than 40% of men and 19% of women shower every day, with an additional 13% of men and 5% of women showing more than once per day.

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The Solution to Over Washing? Individually Wrapped Wipes, Of Course!

There is no need to shower or bathe more than twice a day. Keep them quick, use a mild soap on your body and don’t have the water too hot. 

If you do feel like you need to freshen up in between, try some individually wrapped wipes instead.

Savvy Travelers NO SWEAT wipes are simple to use. Just take one out of the pack, give your pits a quick wipe and throw the wipe into the trash. These wipes are safe for all skin types and are paraben free. They also contain  Vitamin E, which moisturizes skin.

Using individually wrapped wipes will keep your armpits clean and fresh and leave you feeling confident. 

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