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Bulk packs of baby wipes are just fine when you have a baby and a couple of toddlers in tow, but when you’re out on the town or traveling abroad, individually wrapped moist towelettes are the perfect solution.


When two long-term friends and savvy businesswomen get together, they can revolutionize the beauty business. After Margarita Floris and Tina Aldatz worked together to turn the insole industry on its head, they joined forces once again to reinvent individually wrapped moist towelettes and change the way people pack for travel or even a night out.

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Admitting to WWD that they had been “obsessed and intrigued with the concept of wipes,” the dynamic duo went on a quest to create beauty items that didn’t require water, that sailed through ever-tightening airport security and, most importantly, that actually worked.

Now, the range of individually wrapped moist towelettes includes BOTTOMZ UP flushable travel wipes to help women feel fresh and clean when they don’t have the time or the opportunity to shower, SPEAK EAZY teeth and mouth cleansing wipes, and a whole range of products in between.

When One Is All You Need

As individually wrapped moist towelettes, these wipes needed to accomplish a whole lot. The idea is that one wipe accomplished its entire mission. Travelers know that there isn’t room to pack superfluous items, so the clever moist towelettes manufacturers had to ensure that one wipe would do the entire job.

No longer should people think it normal to pull out four or five wipes from a multipack of wet wipes in order to complete one cleaning job. As travel wipes, these individually wrapped moist towelettes need to reliably complete the job with just one product.

And indeed they do. LIFT OFFZ, individually wrapped nail polish remover wipes, reliably remove nail polish from all ten fingernails with just one wipe. NO SWEAT deodorant wipes are powerful enough to apply to both underarms for a squeaky clean, fresh feel, moving you from the gym to dance floor without the need for a shower.

Substituting Face Cleansers with Individually Wrapped Moist Towelettes

Vogue tackled the question as to whether makeup removing wipes are everything they promise to be. After all, makeup wearers the world over celebrated as one when it was announced that individual wet wipes that effectively removed makeup were here to stay. What a time saver! And what an amazing invention for those times when it is not practical or possible to wash your face or apply normal makeup-removing cleanser.

individually wrapped moist towelettes remove makeup

Savvy Travelers’s answer to the world of makeup-removing individually wrapped moist towelettes is TAKE OFFZ, one-step facial cleanser wipes that remove makeup – even waterproof and stage makeup – along with oil and dirt.

Vogue had to conclude that the convenience of makeup-removing individually wrapped moist towelettes made the products the perfect solution for late nights, plane journeys, music festivals, and a myriad of other times when it is simply not possible to launch into your thirty-minute makeup removal and skin cleansing routine.

Vogue did advise, however, that you should always choose high-quality wipes with gentler ingredients, and that’s where TAKE OFFZ come in. With a built-in toner and moisturizer, the makeup-removing individually wrapped moist towelettes are noncomedogenic, paraben free, and contain chamomile, aloe vera, cucumber, Vitamin E, and tea plant botanical extracts.

Similarly, the Independent agreed that makeup-removing individually wrapped moist towelettes are not only biodegradable, but have made good on their claims to be a three-in-one cleansing, toning, and moisturizing solution.

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The Beauty Of Being Individually Wrapped

There’s something to be said for individually wrapped moist towelettes of every kind. Unlike a bulk pack of wet wipes, individually wrapped products are hygienic, with no possibility of contamination. Secondly, individual wrapping means that the wipes themselves last longer, prevented from drying out.

The main advantage of individually wrapped wipes is, of course, lies in their convenience. Travelers don’t have the room to lug a multipack of wet wipes with them, and people heading for a night out on the town certainly don’t. What everyone can accommodate, however, is a few individually wrapped moist towelettes thrown into a bag, purse, or pocket.

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