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When it comes to removing makeup on the go, nothing beats individually wrapped makeup remover wipes. But did you know that there are a myriad of other uses for these handy little beauty gems?


By now, most people know the importance of keeping skin fresh and clean, especially overnight. Gone are the days when we could delude ourselves into thinking that leaving makeup on overnight wouldn’t do any harm to our skin.

Individually wrapped makeup remover wipes have made the process of removing makeup so simple and quick.  There’s now no excuse for ever going to bed with your makeup still on.

Apart from taking off makeup without makeup remover, did you know here are plenty of other uses for these individually wrapped wonder wipes? 

individually wrapped makeup remover wipes

Keep Individually Wrapped Makeup Remover Wipes in Your Gym Kit

A lot of people already use individually wrapped makeup remover wipes before working out. However, for best results you should use two wipes for every workout.

Before you even start your workout, use travel size makeup remover wipes to clean your face. If you don’t, you you risk your foundation and other makeup blocking your pores, preventing your body from releasing sweat.  It is the unreleased sweat that is going to cause skin breakouts and other irritations.

No time to shower after exercising? No problem, just grab that second wipe. Either a makeup remover wipe or an antibacterial hand and body wipe will do the trick.

First use your gym towel to wipe off any excess sweat. Then use the wipe to go over your face, shoulders, and back. Basically anywhere that feels a little sweaty.  This will go a long way towards preventing breakouts and will leave you clean following your gym session.

A fresh change of clothes can also help in keeping you feeling fresh. 

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Beauty at The Beach

Makeup remover wipes singles are your face and body’s best friend at the beach. Individually wrapped and lightweight, travel size makeup remover wipes take up no room in your bag.  They are perfect for freshening up during a long, hot day at the beach.

Whenever you are outside, sunscreen is super important. After a while it can start feeling sticky and greasy. Remove your old sunscreen by using single wrapped face wipes and then reapply a fresh layer.

Savvy Travelers Take Offz individually wrapped makeup remover wipes also include toner and moisturizer in their formulation. This means your skin will be rehydrated and instantly cooled and prepped for sun protection. 

Emergency Stain Remover

Facial wipes won’t remove hard-set or difficult stains in clothing, but they can certainly come to the rescue for quick spot removal.  

For example, white deodorant marks on black clothing. If you spot some deodorant residue on your black blouse, go over it with an individually wrapped makeup remover wipes. Those stains will magically wipe away! 

If you are out at lunch or dinner and you get a drop of sauce or wine on your clothes, take to it straight away with a facial wipe.  You may just salvage your outfit for the rest of the occasion until you can put it through the wash or take it to the dry cleaner. 

Hair Dye Lives on Your Hair, Not on Your Face

When dying your hair at home, it’s almost inevitable to get excess hair dye on your ears, face, hairline, and neck. Having makeup remover wipes at the ready will ensure that you can wipe off the dye before it dries and sets.

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Remove Self-Tanning Streaks

If you like to DIY tan, then you will be familiar with self-tanning lotion.  But if you are applying it yourself, you run the risk of getting unsightly streaks and an orange glow in areas you don’t want them.  can easily take care of any .

A few gentle wipes with makeup remover towelette on the most areas prone to streaks will quickly take care of the problem. Pay attention to palms, inner wrists, knuckles, knees, ankles, and elbows. 

Wax On, Wax Off

Anyone who’s had any part of their body waxed will understand the frustration (and discomfort) of being left with tiny balls of wax on your skin. They are generally not noticed until they have caused your clothes – or worse, your underwear – to stick to your skin.

Excuse yourself to a bathroom ASAP, and use an individually wrapped wet wipe to gently loosen the excess ball of wax and remove it with your skin intact. 

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Moving from Day Makeup to Evening Makeup

Have you ever made plans to go out for dinner or drinks straight after work? Keep a few makeup remover wipes and essential cosmetics in your purse and you can get your natural daytime makeup into a bolder evening look quickly and easily.

With a few careful wipes, you can selectively remove the daytime makeup that you no longer want. Take off  your lighter eyeshadow and liner and then reapply with a more smokey eye. 

If you have a little more time (and your entire makeup kit with you), you can even use an individually wrapped makeup remover wipes to remove all the makeup on your face and start from scratch. 

Wow, How Versatile are Individually Wrapped Makeup Remover Wipes?

From cleaning your face at the gym, touching up makeup during the day, removing self tanner and wax, who knew how amazingly versatile wipes could be? Why not buy bulk makeup remover wipes so you’ll always have some at hand?

Click on the link below to get yours now!  

Take Offz



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