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When it comes to time-saving beauty tricks, nothing beats individual makeup wipes. But what about beauty hacks to save time on other parts of your daily beauty routine? Read on for our top time-saving makeup tricks to get you out the door faster.


Things don’t go always go the way we planned. Maybe you had a late night and didn’t get your full eight hours. Maybe you were kept up by a sick child or a barking dog, or just couldn’t sleep. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to launch into a full beauty routine every morning. But just as individual makeup wipes save you time when taking off last night’s makeup, there are plenty of makeup hacks to save time in the morning.

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When Your Lips Aren’t as Plump as You’d Like

Lip plumping is a multimillion dollar industry, and it all started with one product called Lip Venom (and then was largely carried on by the infamous Kardashian-Jenner family). Lip Venom and other knockoff plumping products can be expensive, but there is no need to spend a heap of money to have plumper lips.

In fact, by mixing one or two drops of peppermint oil into your regular lip gloss, you can create your very own version of Lip Venom. Peppermint oil is easily found: most grocery stores will stock it, otherwise a health food store is sure to have it.

If you don’t have any peppermint oil on hand, here is another beauty hack that will give you the appearance of plumper lips. Once you’ve applied your regular lipstick, apply a small spot of clear lip gloss in the middle area of your bottom lip, instantly giving it the effect of plumper mass.

Another trick is to apply your lipstick as usual, and then apply a suitably colored, frosted eyeshadow on top of your lipstick. As with the clear lip gloss trick above, a touch of frosted eyeshadow on top of your lipstick will give your lips a plump appearance.

When Your Lipstick Won’t Stay Put

Why is it that when you want your foundation and eye makeup to come off, you need to use specially-designed, natural individual makeup wipes to remove everything effectively, yet lipstick just doesn’t seem to want to stay?

A simple trick to make your lipstick last much longer is to apply your chosen lip color as usual, then lightly hold a tissue over your lips and dust a small amount of translucent powder over the tissue. It may feel like the powder isn’t penetrating your lips at all, but it will be seeping slightly through the fibers of the tissue and helping to set your lipstick, making it last much longer than usual.

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When You’ve Chipped a Nail

You’ve chipped a nail, and it feels like it’s just a matter of time before the crack spreads and you lose most of your nail. Luckily, there is a way of nipping the problem in the bud and preventing the chip from spreading any further.

Use the index finger of your other hand and dip the pad of your finger into a small amount of nail polish remover, then use your finger to gently rub your chipped nail from the area of the chip towards the tip of the nail. This smoothes out the chip and removes any rough edges, making it much less likely for the chip to get snagged on anything and continue to spread.

Next, apply a fresh coat of nail polish onto the chipped nail, let it dry, then apply a top coat. Yes, the original chip is still there, but all the rough edges are gone and there is much less chance that the little chip will turn into a major problem.

When You Don’t Have Much Time to Do Your Nails

When you’re running out of time and you still need to do your nails, there are a few beauty tricks to try to get your at-home manicure done in record time.

Firstly, choose a nail polish that only needs one coat. Much of the time taken in doing an at-home manicure comes down to waiting for your nails to dry between coats, so reducing your number of coats will significantly save time. Choosing a metallic or shimmery nail polish is your best bet for a one-coat-only manicure.

When it comes to drying your nails as quickly as possible, try dipping your freshly polished fingernails into ice water to set your polish in seconds. It may seem counter-productive to put wet nails into water, but if the water is ice cold, it will work. Alternatively, pop your hands into the freezer for a little while, or dry your nails in front of the fan or with your hairdryer set on the coolest setting.

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When You Need to Remove Glitter Nail Polish, Fast

Planning to apply glitter nail polish for an evening function, but worried about how long it will take to remove the polish before work the next day? The simplest way to get around this problem is to use LIFT OFFZ, instant nail polish remover wipes that can handle even the toughest glitter. Nail polish wipes are for your nails what individual makeup wipes are for your face: they’re instant, individually wrapped, and completely foolproof.

Another trick is to plan in advance if you know you’ll only want your glitter nail polish on for a short time. Instead of using a base coat, apply a thin coat of white craft glue instead. Add your glitter nail polish on top as usual, then when you’re ready to remove it, it will peel right off as only glue can.

When You’ve Smudged Your Deodorant, It’s Individual Makeup Wipes To The Rescue!

When you’re just heading out the door and you noticed that your deodorant has smudged onto your clothes, don’t panic, and don’t head straight for the tap. Adding water will only make the problem worse. Instead, reach for your collection of individual makeup wipes and dab gently around the affected area to remove the deodorant stain without adding extra moisture.

In a real pinch, you can try rubbing the fabric on itself: fold the clothing back on itself, with the deodorant stain in the middle, and rub the two areas of fabric together.

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When You Need Sunscreen, Moisturizer, And Primer

While we all know that we should be protecting our skin with sunscreen, it is something so many people skip because it doesn’t seem to blend well with makeup. Luckily, newer sunscreen formulation mean that you don’t need to choose between sunscreen on your face and makeup.

Choose a sunscreen with a clear gel finish (as opposed to the traditional sunscreen with a thick, white consistency) and, after having wiped your face with individual makeup wipes, apply sunscreen instead of moisturizer. Sunscreen is especially hydrating, eliminating the need for moisturizer and ensuring that it doesn’t become yet another step in your morning beauty routine.

Then, apply your foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual, satisfied that you have protected your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays without any cost to your normal makeup routine.

When You Don’t Have Time for A Shower

If you’ve slept in or are otherwise running late, it’s no problem to skip a shower. But if you’re worried that your face will show the tell-tale signs of not having showered, just splash ice cold water or apply a few spritzes of a hydrating mist (preferably one you’ve kept in the fridge) directly on your face to wake up your skin.

An invigorating splash of coolness on your face, followed by an alcohol-free toner to neutralize any leftover oil, will leave your face clear and refreshed and ready to start the day.

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