How to Take off Makeup Without Makeup Remover. No Excuses Now!

In extreme cases, old makeup may have become contaminated with yeast, fungal and bacterial growth, which can gradually build up and render preservatives to be ineffective.

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Why is it Important to Take off Makeup?

Taking off the makeup that we wear each and every day is so important to keeping our skin healthy.

Cleansed skin is able to breathe and regenerate. Makeup blocks our pores and suffocating our skin continually can lead to nasty acne, dull and flakey skin and sometimes even infections.

What is the Best Way to Take off Makeup?

The best way to take off makeup is to use a very gentle product. Avoid harsh cleansers and try and find products or ingredients that suit your skin type.

How Do You Get Makeup Off (Without Makeup Remover)?

Here are some ideas that may help you with makeup removal if you don’t have (or want to use) makeup remover.

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1. Warm Up Some Coconut Oil

Coconut has so many uses and one of them is as a makeup remover. The natural oil is full of wonderful fatty acids and actually has antimicrobial properties. In addition, coconut oil is rich in vitamin E making it very nourishing for the skin.

Due to the consistency of coconut oil (it is solid in cooler weather and liquid in warmer temperatures), you may need to warm a little scoop of oil between your hands before putting it on your skin.

As with any cleanser, use small circular motions to melt away the makeup.

2. Use Milk or Yoghurt as a Cleanser

Milk is so effective as a makeup remover because it contains a mix of water, fats and protein. The lactic acid acts as an exfoliant and cleanser and the other components work as a moisturizing and hydrating treatment for your skin.

Take a small bowl of full cream milk and place some cotton pads in it. Place the pads over your eyes for a few seconds and wipe off.
Yoghurt also contains lactic acid, fat and protein and makes an incredible mask. Slather some over your face and leave it on for 10 minutes or so to work its magic!

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3. Microfiber Cloths Don’t Require Any Cleansing Agents

You can now get specially designed microfiber cleansing cloths. These are fantastic as they only need warm water to remove makeup. Simply dampen the cloth and gently rub your face to remove all traces foundation and mascara.

The cloth works by trapping makeup, dirt and oil onto the tiny fibers of the cloth and lifting it off the skin.

4. The Mediterranean Way – Olive Oil

Olive oil works in a similar way to coconut oil. Put a few drops onto a cotton pad and place over the eyes for a 30 seconds or so. Your eye makeup should slide right off!

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5. It’s so Easy With Makeup Remover Wipes

Absolutely the best no-mess-no-fuss method of removing makeup. Keep a box of makeup remover wipes in your bathroom drawer, nightstand, glove box or bag and you’ll always be able to take off your makeup in a flash.

How to Take off Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Check out Savvy Travelers’ Take Offz which are super gentle on the skin but pack a punch when it comes to effective makeup removal! They are hygienically and conveniently individually packed and are also biodegradable.
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This Is Exactly What Happens When You Use Old Makeup On Your Face


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