How to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

All it takes are a few cells from an unwashed hand or a blistered lip and a mascara wand or lip gloss could become a haven for contagious bacteria – Angela Ellis, ABC News

I am sure that you are well aware that going to bed without taking off your makeup first is a beauty no-no. Not only do you wake up looking like you’ve been punched in both eyes, you also have to contend with all of those dirty marks on your pillowcase. 

Not thoroughly removing makeup every day is also really bad for your skin. Leaving makeup on overnight can cause issues such as blocked pores, breakouts, dry and dull skin and even infections. 

But what happens if you want to take your makeup off but don’t have any makeup remover handy?

Don’t worry! It’s very likely that you actually have products lying around the house that make great substitutes.

Here’s a guide on how to remove makeup without makeup remover using five commonly found household items.

Coconut Oil Image - ST

1. Coconut Oil

Is there anything that coconut oil cannot do?

This natural oil is rich in fatty acids and is packed full of antimicrobial agents. It also contains vitamin E which makes it an excellent moisturizer for both face and body.

Coconut oil solidifies in cooler weather, so if that’s the case, just scoop a little out of the jar and warm it in your hands before applying to your face. Otherwise you can soak cotton pads in the oil and gently wipe them over your face and eyes.

Not only does coconut oil remove makeup, it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky with a deliciously light fragrance.

2. Vaseline

Although I wouldn’t suggest using Vaseline, or any other petroleum-based product, as an all-over cleanser, it does work wonders in removing budge-proof makeup.

Vaseline is very thick and can clog your skin pores easily  so use it sparingly and only around your eyes to remove waterproof mascara or liquid eyeliner.

Olive Oil Image - ST

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is another versatile oil. You can use it in salads, for cooking but also topically on your skin. It has both healing and moisturizing properties and makes another great substitute for store-bought makeup remover.

4. Dairy

You may find this one quite surprising. Milk and yoghurt are actually really effective makeup removers!

Milk is made up of water, fats and protein and this combination makes it a lovely soothing treatment for your skin. It helps your skin hydrate and also retain moisture. It can also act as an exfoliant due to the lactic acid present.

Use the milk as a cleanser by applying it over your face and wiping it off with a wash cloth or soak a couple of cotton pads in full-cream milk to cleanse your eyes and lips.

Yoghurt is also rich in lactic acid, fat and protein. You can use plain, thick yoghurt to remove makeup or leave it on your skin for 10 minutes as a mask.

Cucumber Image - ST

5. Cucumber

Cucumber extract is a very common ingredient in beauty products. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which is ideal for troubled skin.

Make your own cucumber cleanser by blending a cucumber and adding a little carrier oil of your choice.

A Bonus Tip on How to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Why not do away with all the mess and fuss of oils, creams and potions when you can easily keep a box of makeup remover wipes in your bathroom, bedside table, car or purse?

Savvy Travelers’ Take Offz are conveniently packaged in individual sachets, which means you can take them anywhere. And unlike big, bulky packs of wipes, they are not going to dry out if you only need to use them now and again.

Most importantly, because they are single use, they don’t need nasty preservatives to keep them bacteria free. They are also super gentle and nourishing on your skin.


How about you? Have you improvised an unusual method of removing makeup? Let me know about your go-to products in the comments below.
Take Offz

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