How to Clean Your MacBook Pro Like a Pro MacBook Cleaner! 4 Foolproof Ways to Have a Germ-Free Laptop

You’ve just dropped a couple of grand on a brand new MacBook Pro laptop. You may even be a little scared to even touch it. Heaven forbid you get any marks on it!

But that’s not really practical is it? You need to use it everyday for work and leisure. So how to you keep your MacBook Pro looking like new? 

There are four main parts of your laptop that you need to clean regularly. Read on to find out the best way to remove dust, oil, fingerprints and germs from each surface. 

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1. Wipe Down Your MacBook Pro’s Case

Before you do anything with your laptop, make sure you have unplugged it from the power source and shut it down. Liquid and electricity never mix! 

Close the laptop and then, with a slightly damp cloth, wipe the outer surfaces. You can use a solution of one part dishwashing detergent with five parts water. Rubbing alcohol also is a good alternative. 

Wipe it over again with a lint-free cloth to dry off any wet areas. 

2. Clear out the Debris from the Keyboard

Gently tip your laptop upside down and shake out any dust and crumbs. You can get special mini vacuums or cans of compressed air to blow away any dirt too. 

Soak a Q-tip in some isopropyl alcohol and go around the nooks and crannies of each key where you may find a build up of grime. Never put the Q-tip into the power socket, headphone jack or USB ports. 

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3. Keep the Screen Smudge Free

You probably spend hours staring at your laptop screen so it’s really important to keep the monitor clean.

A MacBook Pro screen is made with back-lit LED so the safest (and easiest) way to remove all the smudges, streaks and marks is with screen wipes.

Never put harsh chemicals anywhere near a computer, particularly the screen as it can cause irreparable damage. 

After the screen is clean, let it dry before you close the lid or use the laptop again.

4. Take the Fingerprints off the Trackpad (or Mouse) 

Use antibacterial wipes to wipe down both the trackpad (or mouse if you use one). You can also go over the keyboard again with the wipe to make sure you get to the last of the germs and dirt. 

Now You Know How to Clean Your MacBook Pro!

Of course all of these cleaning tips related to any laptop. Clean your laptop shell, keyboard and monitor regularly, and not only will you have something nice to work on, you can also keep any colds and flus at bay. 


What have you found to be the best method to keeping your laptop clean? Drop your tips in the comments below. 

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