How Do You Take off Waterproof Mascara? Experts Reveal Their Top Secret Techniques

Pumping your mascara will introduce air into the tube, forcing in bacteria…the inside of your mascara tube will become the perfect habitat for bacteria to survive and …can lead to some nasty eye infections- Sana Alam Cordeaux, Huffington Post

Removing smudge proof, long wearing and waterproof makeup can be the bane of a makeup lover’s existence. Doing it incorrectly will result in panda eye and even more serious, damaged skin and lashes.

I thought I would find out what the experts suggest to answer one of the most-asked beauty questions. How do you take off waterproof mascara

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1. Cotton Pads Are Number One 

New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD suggests that you use 100 % cotton pads that do not shed and are lint free. You don’t want little fibers sticking to your lashes.  

2. Avoid Using Cotton Balls

Angela Caglia, facialist to the stars, says cotton balls are a no-no for makeup removal. Those loose fibers can actually get into your eyes and cause irritation and infection.

However, cotton balls can be used to apply toners all over the face. 

3. Use a Makeup Wipe

Makeup artist Matthew Waitesmith loves using makeup remover towelettes. They are simple, practical and gentle and an item he always carries in his makeup kit.   

Savvy Travelers’ Take Offz  facial cleansing wipes are suitable for all skin types and will remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara in one gentle wipe. 

4. Only Use Makeup Remover Made Specifically for the Eyes

To avoid possible irritation to the eyes, Zeichner advises to only use a remover that has been specifically formulated to dissolve makeup. Never use regular soap as they contain ingredients such as harsh chemical cleansers that should not go anywhere near the eye. 

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5. Place a Warm, Wet Washcloth on Your Eyes

Makeup artist Georgina Graham swears by pressing a warm or hot washcloth to lashes for around a minute. This will remove clumpy mascara by loosening up the mascara from your lashes. 

6. Never Use Alcohol-based or Artificially Fragranced Products

Another dermatologist warns against using products that contain alcohol or fragrances to remove waterproof cosmetics. This is because these ingredients can dry out and strip the natural oils from the delicate skin on and around the eyes. This can lead to irritation and premature lines and wrinkles. 

7. Always Be Gentle 

The skin on the eyelids is extremely sensitive. In fact, the skin there is the thinnest of all parts of the body. This is why dermatologist Kristina Goldenberg, MD advises using a very gentle touch when cleansing eye makeup. 

In addition, too much pressure on your eyes can even break the blood vessels says New Jersey-based dermatologist Jeanine Downie, MD.

8. Take Your Time

Never rush the makeup removal process recommends dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD.

Hurriedly scrubbing at your eyes will only result in pulling the skin and damaging it.  Allow time for the mascara to dissolve, either by pressing a makeup wipe, wet washcloth or cleanser-soaked cotton pad over the eye.  

Apply a Coat of Regular Mascara First Image - ST

9. Apply a Coat of Regular Mascara First

Professional makeup artist Nick Barose always starts with a layer of regular mascara as a base coat. Then he adds a second coat using the waterproof formula. With this method, the lashes are still sealed in a waterproof barrier, but using the regular mascara underneath makes it much easier to remove.

10. Don’t Forget Your Lash-line and Corners

The edge of your eyelid and corners of the eye are often neglected when it comes to makeup removal. These areas tend to be where eyeliner and mascara build up and if you don’t clean them out properly  it can cause irritation.

Makeup artist Min Min Ma uses Q-tip to give those hard-to-reach areas a gentle clean. You can soak the tip in makeup remover or even some coconut oil.  

How Do You Take Off Waterproof Mascara?

I’d love to know your secrets in the comments below. Take Offz Wipes Call to Action Image - ST


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