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Making the most of airline cancellations, whether it’s for reading, ruminating or freshening up for your next meeting. 

Nothing is more frustrating than having your flight cancellation reason is. You’ve planned this trip for weeks and packed just enough to avoid the additional fees. You’ve even checked your larger bags. Unless you have access to one of those loyalty club flight lounges, you’ll destined to roam the corridors of the airport or sack down with your laptop until your flight and possibly your connection gets rescheduled.

Well, one thing that you can do is to feel fully refreshed without lining up with all the other travelers for the privilege. No water, no problem. You feel enlightened and ready to meet life’s little challenges. It’s not a time to get ahead at work or skim your social media feed—those can wait, as can repacking your carry-on. These things will get done, but hopefully after you have a chance to do something for yourself and your sanity that’s just been pushed to the edge by your current airline choice.

Seeking Wipeaholics Everywhere No Water or Travel is an Issue.

What with digital technology being what it is today, you never really know how much time you may be spending in an airport. Heaven forbid that inclement whether has you and or your family spending the night, while trying to stay connected to Wi-Fi and fighting for space to keep your laptop charged until you can book a flight or a nearby hotel.

Having a kit like the Savvy Traveler Jet Set Essential is not only an answer to a prayer, especially if germs and stickiness are the enemy of the traveling family.

Outfitted with 16 TSA friendly no-spill, no-leak wipes you can sanitize not just the kids but, anything they come in contact with on or off the plane.

Clean fold down trays without the bother of a flight attendant or carrying around pre-moistened towels in a plastic lunch bag. Child on airplane

These wipe fly through any security check and are safe to use anywhere on the go or in the air. There’s even makeup remover wipes with a 3-in-1 duty. They’ll moisturize and soothe tired skin after hours in the car, airport or flight cabin.

So they next time your flight plans are deviated from your plans, remember the Jet Set Essentials.

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