5 Surprising Reasons You Need to Carry Electronic Screen Wipes While Traveling

In this digital age, we are never too far away from our cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets and televisions. We need immediate access to the internet, news and social media. Without it we are completely lost.  

With electronic devices always in our hands, their surfaces tend collect a lot of fingerprints, dust, makeup and dirt. The best way to clean and sanitize them is with electronic screen wipes.

Electronic screen wipes have been specifically designed to clean smartphones, computer screens, televisions, and any other electronics surfaces. Some can also be used to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses and camera lenses and viewfinders.

Single-use wipes to clean your devices are the best when traveling. After each use, dispose of the wipe correctly in the trash. Look for ones that are compostable or biodegradable so you know you are looking out for the environment.

Fingerprints and streaky screens don’t look great, but keeping your electronics clean is not only about how they look. Here are four reasons you may find surprising why you should always have an electronic screen wipe on hand, especially when traveling.

1. Wipes Will Keep Your Devices Clean and Sanitized

Studies have found that cell phones and tablets carry, on average, ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat and 18 times more than the restroom door handle. Plus, if you are one of those people who uses their phones in the bathroom, then it shouldn’t surprise you that 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal matter on them.

We wouldn’t ever lean our faces directly on a public toilet so why are we risking getting up close and personal to millions of nasty bacteria on our phones?

We are constantly touching dirty surfaces and then transferring these germs to our phones. Not only do phones collect the germs from our hands they are also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  Bacteria thrives in warm dark environments. And where do we keep our phones that are warm from battery and body heat? In dark spaces like pockets and purses!

The most harmful types of bacteria that can grow are E. coli, MRSA and influenza which can cause serious illness.

To avoid getting sick, in addition to using electronic screen wipes, be vigilant about keeping your hands clean too. The regular use of liquid hand sanitizers or wipes when traveling will help keep germs at bay.

2. Wipes Will Keep Your Skin Clear and Free of Breakouts

A great big zit on your cheek is the last thing you want to get if you’re on vacation, or anytime for that matter! You may be using all the right products morning and night, but did you realize that you can get pimples from just talking on the phone?

When you press your cheek and chin against your phone to speak to someone, you are also allowing all that nasty bacteria to get into your pores and block them. This can cause blemishes to form.

Avoid transferring bacteria onto your face from your cell phone by using the speaker function or your headphones (make sure you give these a good wipe down with electronic screen wipes too). Try and send text messages when possible and clean the screen and back of the phone after each call.  

3. Wipes Will Protect Your Eyesight

Our eyes are constantly glued to our devices. Whether it’s squinting at the tiny text on our smartphones, finding our way around with electronic maps or putting together a presentation on a computer, the tiny muscles inside our eyeballs are working hard to allow us to focus and refocus on those electronic screens.

Surprisingly, when there are smudges and marks on those screens, your eyes are forced to work even harder. So cleaning screens regularly will take some strain off your eyes.

In addition, you tend to blink less when you’re reading or working online. To alleviate dry, watery or fatigued eyes when using your devices, try to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Give your eyes a rest every 20 minutes by redirecting your focus from your screen at something 20 or more feet away for 20 seconds.

Air travel can dry out your eyes anyway, so if you are using your devices in an airplane, remember to blink regularly and use eye drops.

4. Wipes Will Safeguard Screens From Chemical Damage

You may think that any glass cleaner is fine to clean your electronic devices but this is not the case. Window cleaners contain harsh chemicals and cleaning solvents. These can damage the special coating on some tablet and smartphone screens.

The coating is actually designed to improve the look and use of the device by being smudge proof and preventing oil from your fingers from building up. If you damage this coating, your screens will slowly become more prone to collecting smears, smudges and fingerprints.

So in effect, using a proper electronic screen wipe will protect this coating so that you won’t need to continuously clean off fingerprints and oil from the screen. Win win!

5. Wipes Will Maintain Scratch-Free Screens

Electronic device screens are very delicate, as are glasses and camera lenses. It might be easy to use a paper towel, napkin or tissue to wipe them especially if you’re on the go, because they are abrasive and they can leave tiny scratches on the screen glass.

Keep your electronic screen wipes handy. Leave a couple in your laptop bag, purse or wallet. Not only will using  one make sure that your screens stay smooth, no little bits of annoying lint or fluff will be left on the screen.

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  • Jason Townsend

    Wonderful advice. I never knew that my phone carried so many germs!

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