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Many flights into Paris run overnight and arrive in the early morning. To make the most of your first day in Paris, it helps to know the designer beauty wipes Paris travelers use to feel fresh and rested after a night spent at 30,000 feet.


Security is of huge concern in Paris these days, and that has changed many travelers’ opinions on how best to pack for an upcoming Paris trip. The most common advice is to pack solely into a carry-on bag and to forgo the need for checked baggage. To accomplish this, you’ll need to know the designer beauty wipes Paris travelers use.

Designer Beauty Wipes Paris

The majority of international flights coming in to Paris are overnight. Since you’ll be arriving first thing in the morning, you generally won’t be able to check straight into your accommodation (unless you went to the added expense of booking an extra night). As such, your aim will be to disembark from the plane as rested and refreshed as possible, giving yourself the best chance of having an enjoyable half day of sightseeing and Parisian experiences before checking in to your accommodation mid-afternoon.

The Designer Beauty Wipes Paris Tourists Need to Arrive Refreshed

Designer Beauty Wipes Paris travel

The key to arriving in Paris feeling refreshed and fabulous is twofold: firstly, to get a decent rest on the plane; and secondly, to sufficiently wake yourself up after your rest. To accomplish the first, set yourself up for success by picking a minimalistic travel kit to help you sleep, with an eye mask, travel neck pillow (pro tip: a flocked inflatable neck pillow will save on space), and a lightweight blanket (think an inexpensive baby’s muslin wrap, that you could even dispose of at the airport afterward).

Next, to wake up properly after your overnight rest, consider the designer beauty wipes Paris travelers use. TAKE OFFZ are individually wrapped makeup removing wipes which double as a skin toner and moisturizer. Nothing says jet lag like morning panda eyes, and nothing says rested and refreshed like soft, natural morning skin.

Next, KLEAN UPZ antibacterial hand and body wipes will give your hands and body a squeaky-clean feeling despite having been on a commercial airliner all night long, while NO SWEAT antiperspirant and deodorant wipes will have you smelling as fresh as you now feel.

That’s your skin and body taken care of, but what about your teeth? You’ve been eating airplane food for the past several hours plus you’ve been asleep, and you haven’t had the opportunity to brush your teeth as you normally would. Never fear, as there are other designer beauty wipes Paris tourists know about that can help you in the dental hygiene department. SPEAK EASY¬†teeth and mouth cleansing wipes refresh your breath and help your teeth shine pearly white again.

Click here to see the full set of travel wipes available. And before you leave on your trip, read up on any Paris travel alerts and become familiar with the weather in Paris.

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