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Do Wet Wipes Actually Kill Germs? Find Out the Dirty Truth!

Researchers swabbed three common objects…from four bar-and-grille restaurants…E.coli…was found on 4 percent of ketchup bottles and 8 percent of menus. What is the Use of Wet Wipes? There are several..

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How to Clean Your MacBook Pro Like a Pro..

You’ve just dropped a couple of grand on a brand new MacBook Pro laptop. You may even be a little scared to even touch it. Heaven forbid you get any..

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How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard in 6 Staggeringly..

A norovirus outbreak at a Washington, D.C., elementary school in February 2007…sickened more than 100…through contaminated computer equipment – Dan Childs, ABC News Our electronic devices, phones, laptops and computers..

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4 Scary Scenarios You Needed Germ Remover Wipes On..

Getting sick while away from home is a traveler’s worst nightmare. Any traveler who has succumbed to illness while overseas will tell you how important it is to practice good..

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