5 of the Best Subscription Boxes Delivered Monthly Right to Your Door

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I love online shopping. It’s convenient, I don’t have to battle crowds at the mall and there’s always a bargain waiting to be found. One of the latest crazes in online shopping is the subscription box. 

A subscription box is a carefully curated range of items that is sent to subscribers. That is, people who have signed up and paid for the service.

The items generally vary from one delivery to the next, making opening the box a complete surprise for the recipient each time.

A quick search for the best subscription boxes out there yields an amazing array of options. From beauty products, snacks to high-end designer clothing, you can get practically anything delivered straight to your door every week, month or as often as you like.

The price of one subscription box varies from as low as $10 to upwards of $100. It just depends on the type of products that are included.

Here are five types of subscription boxes that you can order right now.

1. Subscription Boxes Filled with Beauty Products and Samples

This type of subscription box is really what kicked off the trend. It’s really no surprise because the beauty and cosmetic market is huge. A recent survey revealed that the average American woman wears about $8 worth of makeup and skincare products every day. This adds up to almost $250 a month and well over $200,000 in a lifetime!

Consumers are always on the lookout for new products. Beauty subscription boxes typically include a variety of samples. This means you can try different products before forking out the big dollars for the full-size product.

Other companies give recipients the option of tailoring their products to suit their needs. For example the Wipeaholics Subscription gives you 40 individually packed wipes for only $20 delivered. You can mix and match your choice of travel wipes making it a very practical, flexible and personalized.

It definitely is the level of personalized service that makes the best subscription boxes stand out from the rest. 

2. Subscription Boxes for Men

With these options you will find the perfect father’s day or birthday present, or something for yourself. There is one to suit any man and any budget.

One of the best subscription boxes aimed at the male market is Dollar Shave Club, a razor subscription service. Each month, subscribers get a brand new razor, blades and there are also options to add in shaving cream and other shaving products.

For men who like to drink alcohol, there are subscription boxes that deliver craft beer, world wines premium spirits and glassware right to their door.

Sports fans are covered (literally!) with team gear from their favorite teams.

Does anyone else have a husband, partner or dad who insists on wearing socks with holes? With a sock subscription they will no longer be embarrassed to take off their shoes!

Other cool subscription boxes for men include ones with tools and gadgets, video games, comic books, sport and movie memorabilia, ties, and cufflinks.

3. The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

Children love getting mail addressed to them. Every delivery of a subscription box that appeals to their interests is sure to make them squeal with delight!

Some of the best kids’ subscription boxes include materials and instructions for a craft activity, toys and collectibles, magazines and Disney themed boxes.

4. Fashion in a Box

Clothing and styling subscription boxes work slightly differently to other services. They need to be as they are extremely personalized. When you sign up you will be asked to complete a style profile. You need to provide information about your clothing and shoe sizes, your style and what you do day to day .

Each month you will receive a delivery of brand new clothes that have been selected just for you. You try them on and then keep and pay for the the items that you like. Return the items that you don’t want. It’s as simple as that!

Some companies may charge you for the full box and then refund the money for the clothes you return. Others may charge a small styling fee that can be credited towards items that you decide to buy. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want the company to choose all the clothing for you, some services allow you to select specific pieces as well as surprising you with some of their ideas.

The best part of a clothing subscription box is often the clothes are cheaper than what you would pay in a store, making it really good value for money.

Some of the best subscription boxes for clothing include Stitch Fix, Rent the Runway and Gwynnie Bee, for larger sizes. 

5. Give Back to a Good Cause With these Charitable Subscription Boxes

These subscription boxes appeal to a market that believes in giving back to the community in the USA and countries around the world.

You can choose from fair trade items and crafts made in impoverished countries and communities. Some businesses, such as Cause Box curate items from socially conscious brands and others will donate a portion of the subscription price to charity and others will use products from companies that also support charitable causes.

If you are a fan of subscription boxes, which ones have you subscribed to? What were the best subscription boxes for you and why? I’d love to hear from you!


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