6 Tips to Avoid Business Trip Travel Hell

When it’s time for yet another trip, if you are like us, you’re getting excited right about the time that HR hands you your ticket. But for so many others, getting ready for a business travel often seems like getting set for a long period of stress. I mean, there’s the stress of packing, the possibility of an impolite airline crew, uncomfortable hotel rooms, annoying crying babies (usually in the adjacent airline seat) and long delays at the airport.

Business travels are always hectic, but it can be made a bit less miserable with the aid of some of these tips:

1. Don’t Mess With Your Health

Being in a poor state of health can transform any journey from a “wow” trip to an “Oh, not now!” disaster. So before embarking, be sure to go for a proper health check. Better yet, if you travel quite a bit, going for regular checks is advisable. Take routine health preserving medication before embarking on these trips.

Depending on how long your trip is intended to last and your present health condition, you should take basic tests. You should also check to ascertain that your blood pressure is normal, and that no traces of illness-causing parasites are present in your system.

2. Get Some Information

Not all business travels are within one’s home country. Many times you will have to travel to countries and cities you’ve never been to before.

To avoid getting frustrated or stranded upon reaching your destination, it’s important you make proper inquiries, before embarking on your trip. You should also ensure you get a travel guide for the particular city or country you are going to, before you leave. For instance, this travel guide proves to be helpful if Costa Rica is your destination.

Some vital information you should always get include:

The cost of a hotel room: Hotel charges vary depending on location. It’s good to build a reasonable budget before you travel, so you don’t appear uninformed at the front desk, exclaiming, “That much for a room?!

Internet access fee: Having to pay $30 a day for an internet connection in a $300-a-night hotel is not unusual in some travels. So buying an international data plan for your mobile device may be cheaper than paying daily local rates. Then, use your mobile device as a hotspot for data.

Other basic costs: Information such as the cost of a good meal (yeah, sure!), and the cost of transportation in the city you intend traveling to are also necessary.

3. Pack Smart

As a business traveler, you need to learn to pack like a minimalist. You aren’t going to a fashion show. Therefore, packing only what’s needed will definitely help to minimize the stress of carrying excess baggage.

No matter where you go, you will probably be able to purchase items there. If you’re unsure about whether or not you will need something, leave it at home and buy it if you need it.

Other tricks: instead of folding your clothes, roll them. This saves you space and prevents wrinkles (win, win). You can also pack things like socks or underwear in your shoes.

Make sure you don’t forget the little vitals: adapters, chargers, USB cords, etc.

4. Pick the right security line at the airport

The best line is usually not the shortest one. To choose correctly, check the efficiency of the personnel manning the line and the mix of travelers ahead of you.

5. Create an efficient on-boarding routine

It’s also wise to create an on-boarding routine. This is particularly important for long-distance flights. For instance, you could organize all your reading materials in a separate carry-on bag before you get on the plane.

When you reach your seat, take the bag out and put your carry-on away, so you don’t waste a great amount of time rummaging through your bags to find all the things you want for the flight, while fellow passengers steam in the aisle waiting for you to sit down.

6. Meet someone new

While on the plane, you don’t need to look as serious as someone who’s been threatened with a lawsuit or someone awaiting a death sentence. Say “hi” to the person seated next to you. It won’t be out of place if you get to know each other better, crack a bit of a joke, exchange business cards and even share a repast.

I have often arrived at my business venue in high spirits just because I had a thoroughly invigorating conversation during my flight, and have just met a new friend, too.

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