5 Things You Didn’t Know About Make-up Remover Pouches

Makeup remover wipes are really nothing new as far as cleaning your face or removing stubborn makeup goes. What is different however is, what’s in and on the wipes that you use. Most women that have skin sensitivity prefer Vegan or Hypoallergenic wipes that tend to eliminated addition irritants that can make skin issues worse.

I can scarcely remember the last time I was at a checkout counter where I couldn’t buy a pouch of cleansing wipes.  Last night I ran a last minute errand at Dollar General to pick up school supplies for a specific class my son is taking.  As I scan the rack filled with impulse buy items that would neatly tuck in my purse or my son’s backpack, I noticed a 20 count pouch of makeup remover wipes. I’ll admit 20 wipes for $1 was pretty tempting. What kept me for spending a dollar on something I could readily use at almost anytime? I remembered the following 5 things that most people didn’t know about makeup remover pouch wipes.  
Open touch pouch

Opening and removing a single wipe from a top close or peel pack pouch can cross contaminate the entire pouch of wipes. Moreover if you are removing makeup or dirt from your face or body and use a second wipe to “get all the dirt” you actually introduce micro organisms to the entire pouch. which can further irritate your skin or cause breakouts. Carrying pouches in your handbag with other items can further introduce bacteria into the pouch that does deal properly seal.


Most wipes, no matter what the brand is, contains about 98% water. The remaining 2% is what you should be aware of and what ingredients are included. This is what will make the difference in what is working and what is not. Luxury Beauty wipes tend to cost more because the ratio to water and active ingredient tends to be higher and more effective because they’re usually designed for the specific purpose of cleaning makeup or oil based mascaras which tend to contain ingredients that water just can remover very well.


Just like tHAT pack of cheese you shredded to put on your tacos, not to mention that tasty margaritas you had last Saturday night, opening and closing the package will allow air to get in and dry out much faster than a single packed wipe would. In the end saving money on something you’ll buy more often isn’t really saving. More air in a pouch over time makes the wipes nearly bone dry and they won’t achieve the result you originally intended when the impulse to buy them in the first place over took you at checkout.


I admit that I’ve been guilty of using baby wipes to clean my face or remove makeup. While they are gentle on your baby’s bottom, they are designed to clean urine and feces from your child’s skin. Think about that for a minute. A product designed to clean human waste will include ingredients and chemicals strong enough to reduce blossoming organicism and bacteria that can be introduced to skin. Yes, there are organic and vegan baby wipes, but they tend to cost more, because they do not contain these more aggressive chemicals ( just ask Jessica Alba). No, I don’t want to clean my face with poop cleanser thank you very much. Stick to products that are designed for the purpose you intend to use them for.


Nearly everything is made in China. There is nearly no way around it. There are a handful of US manufacturers that still produce wipe products. The FDA strongly regulates what ingredients and claims can be made of products that go on or in our bodies. While bulk buying is virtually a standard for the US. Convenience and the desire to get more for your money is prevalent in our culture, you get what you pay for. Regulations and quality not as important to you as saving a buck or two? Then bulk pouches are for you. Single pack wipes, while a bit more pricey when made in the USA but offers more convenience and sanitization.

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